Egg On (Auweier), designed by Henning Poehl.

Price: € 3,50
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Player: 3-6 persons
Age: 10+
Playing time: 30-45 min

What’s it all about?
In this game, you slip on the feathers of a male bird. By offering bridal gifts (worms), try to convince the alluring females that you are the best father for their eggs.
Then, try to mate with the females in order to achieve paternity over certain eggs.

However, not all the eggs are equally valuable. The first egg in a nest scores fewer points than the third. Also, there are females who are better suited for mating (they have the matching color) and their eggs thus earn a bonus.
The King of the Nest will be the one who manages to mate with all the females, i.e. to collect eggs in all the colors.

Review from Steffan O’Sullivan

The English rules as pdf-file (link opens a new window).


€ 3,50  including VAT but not including shipping costs