Spidertwist (Spinnentwist) - Arachnid action taking place on a spiderweb gameboard, designed by Henning Poehl.

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2-player family game for ages 7+.

    game material:
  • 10 white wooden tokens
  • 10 black wooden tokens
  • 1 bigger yellow token
  • 21 stickers with spider illustraions for the tokens
  • 1 double side game board
  • 1 die
  • 1 rule

Spidertwist puts each player in the role of a male spider trying to mate with the female spider. A single wrong move however, and the male ends up in the stomach of the "love-hungry" female. And when one male makes such a mistake, the female is momentarily satiated, allowing the others to move closer without being noticed.

Spidertwist is a tactical game with simple rules, with the twist that the goal of the game is also the source of the danger. Two different webs ("summer morning" and "afternoon" game boards) allow various starting configurations of male spiders.

Rules in German and English.
Here you find the English rules as pdf-file.


€ 14,90  including VAT but not including shipping costs